Marketing Strategy for Success

As a marketing consultant based in Melbourne Australia I find that many business owners in this country feel they have to do every possible bit of marketing in order to be successful.  In my experience this actually can prove to be a poor strategy particularly when applied to your marketing.  There are loads of marketing options available to you.  Since social media many businesses have been feeling under pressure to keep doing more activity but does it actually get results.  Here are three things that will deliver more results and less stress to your marketing.

  • Do Less Marketing Activity

Marketing Strategies fail when they are not implemented and many business owners try and do too much.  They are unrealistic in the amount of time it takes and either do a lot of activity poorly or get so overwhelmed they do nothing. Aim to do less but do it well.

  • Focus on Three Things

Keep it simple and identify three key marketing activities that you must do on a regular basis to grow business.  Just do those and do them well.  It might be having a strong social media presence, or delivering excellent customer service or communicating meaningfully with customers and prospects through direct marketing.

  • Evaluate

Monitor and measure results from your marketing activities.  What has generated sales and new prospects.  What generated responses what hasn’t?

By keeping it simple you do better marketing, have a greater chance of measuring its effectiveness and most importantly remove stress.

Why is it important to remove stress?  If you are stressed as a business owner this can be a customer turnoff.  You might not provide the best customer service when you are feeling under pressure.  If you are feeling time poor sometimes customers can feel like a distraction when they ARE the main game.  Our lives seem to be busy, busy, busy particularly in Melbourne Australia and this is flowing over into our businesses.  No wonder there is such a demand for stress management and relaxation services.  By keeping your business processes simple and smart you’ll feel better and in turn this will impact on your results.

If you need help working out what three marketing activities you should focus on get in touch today and we can help simplify your marketing strategy and increase your chance of success.

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