DIY Videos How To Do Them Better

Just because we have a mobile phone doesn’t make us a professional videographer but we can use professional videographer tips to get better!

Video can be a powerful medium to communicate your marketing message. Many marketing consultants are encouraging small and medium businesses to include it in their promotional mix.  When you are on a tight budget  It is not always possible to get a professional videographer to capture footage for us.  Here are some tips from Tim Harris at Tim Harris Video to help your videos look more professional.

  1. Always video horizontally only do vertical when it’s the only way to capture what you want or if you are doing live video for social media.
  2. Kill dead space. Frame your video so that you are zooming in on the subject rather than the sky, walls, roof etc.
  3. When trying to show an area or a room make sure you pan slowly. You don’t want your audience to get dizzy.
  4. Take a step back if you want to capture more in the frame.
  5. Bend down low for children or animals.
  6. When walking and talking ensure you do a slow, steady walk or as Tim calls it a “ninja walk” to keep the video steady. Combine 5 and 6 to get good children action shots.
  7. Know where your microphone on your phone is and try and point it away from interfering noises like wind if you are outside on a windy day.
  8. For better light – turn one on! A light that is.  Consider bringing lamps and extra light if you are filming and the light is low.
  9. Always have the light behind you. The people and places starring in the video will look a lot better.
  10. Learn the shortcuts on your phone that take you directly to video. That way you are ready when something video worthy crosses your path.  There is nothing worse than fumbling around with your phone and missing the moment.

Use these tips to improve your videos or when it counts consider getting a professional in.

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