Marketing Gourmet Food and Petrol Together: Can it work?

Is it possible to to sell gourmet food, wine and petrol all at the same place 24 hours a day… and have it work? Before my recent trip to Tasmania I would have thought no. But despite being ‘marketing challenged’ by Davies Grand Central in Launceston, I am inspired by their flexibility to meet the needs of customers and stay relevant in a changing market place.

Davies Grand Central is a family owned business that has been in operation since 1928. They operate out of a petrol station and yet instead of the usual fast food, packet of chips and chocolate bars they sell fresh organic produce and packaged gourmet food. They also have a cafe service which provides a range of healthy and hearty snacks that meet specific dietary requirements along with the best coffee I tasted in Tassie.

Are you ready for the next surprise? They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Despite flinching when I read the word ‘fuel’ in the same sentence as gourmet food and wine in their promotional material, I have to applaud Davies for pulling off a very brave brand extension. They have developed a selection of products and services that work for the locals and tourists alike. They have modernised their offering and positioned their business in a unique and relevant way for this generation. They now just need a website!

27/1/2018 they now have a website.

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