Getting Referrals Starts With You

Often businesses who do networking or join referral networks get disgruntled when they are not getting as many referrals to their business as they think they should. In the last blog post I discussed optimum business characteristics for referral, this post I want to discuss personal characteristics of the business owner.

Is it fair to expect referrals from others if you don’t make an effort to refer business yourself? How do you handle the referrals that you get? Is it a good experience for the person who has been referred to you?

People like doing business with people so how you respond to referrals and who you are is important. Personal characteristics you must have for generating successful referrals for your business are:

Contactable – you need to be contactable by phone, email, social media that means no ring outs, not bounces and no inactivity

Follow up – you must return calls, emails etc within a 24 – 48 hour period

Friendly – in all mediums phone, email, text, voice message, letter, in person

Available – if you are busy you need to be able to communicate when you can take on work or expected turn around times

Organised – if you are handed a referral it’s not top form to lose the details!
Able to communicate – being clear about the type of business you are looking for

Someone who gives referrals – if you expect referrals you need to also look out for business for other people.

Some other ideas from the Westgate Referral Network Members include:

Empathetic, Reliable, Punctual, Approachable, Ability to deliver on promise, Good at what you do, Credible, Trustworthy,
Have excellent customer service, Good track record, Respected in field, Longevity, Ability to provide case studies,
Public profile of business, Flexiibility

What are the most important personal qualities to you? Add your comment.

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