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Main street of Yarram – visit website

Last week I was lucky enough to travel to the small town of Yarram which is approximately 3 hours south of Melbourne in Gippsland. My impressions of the town was that it was a really energised and interesting place. I was surprised that a population of just 2,100 was creating such a buzz. I then met Julie Nethercote who is part of a business group could YES [Yarram Economic Strategy] Group and discovered a great marketing campaign that was undertaken by the YES group to reduce the number of empty businesses and houses for sale in the area. This explained the buzz.


Reduce the number of houses and businesses for sale in the area


There were 400 houses for sale in the area, now there are only 80 for sale.


1. Positive Approach

The Can Do attitude of organisers clearly paid off and has made a lasting impact on the mind set of locals. All the businesses I met had a can do and energised demeanour.

2. Social Media

The local high school students put together a video posted on You Tube encouraging people to come and visit Yarram.

3. Web Page

A specific website was set up with a registration form.

4. Broader Media

A television crew were invited to come to the open day, they did and covered the story.

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