What is marketing?

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process you follow that gets you more customers and ultimately makes your business money.

It involves

  • finding customers
  • keeping customers
  • getting your pricing right
  • being competitive
  • selling in the right places
  • identifying your point of difference
  • standing out from the crowd
  • communicating effectively.

There are three main elements to marketing.  Strategy, planning and implementation.  A good strategy begins with research and ends with evaluation. It is the science behind the sales; the process that ensures you have a good service or product match for your customers and that you make profit to your business.  Your marketing strategy should answer what is in your offering, how are you going to stand out, sales channels, pricing and your communication channels.

Getting the right marketing strategy requires you to investigate:

  1. other businesses in the market
  2. your budget available for marketing
  3. skills and resources available to you for marketing
  4. the goals for your business
  5. things particular to your your customers and target market.

Once the strategy is formed you can then work out your marketing plan that highlights actions to take.  Of course, to be successful with your marketing you need to implement it.  If you need help in developing your marketing strategy or marketing action plan please feel free to get in touch by email.

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