If you are out on the road a lot either driving from town to town or from job to job in the city, car signage can be an affordable and effective form of advertising.

Costs vary between $250 to $2500, so to get the best bang for your buck you need to make it not only look good, but sell well. Some tips….

  1. Design to the make of your car as every car is slightly different– this looks a lot more eye catching
  2. Make sure you web address is prominent – big font lose the www if you need more space
  3. Put key messages at the back of your car if you do a lot of travel
  4. Utilise the side of your car if your car is often parked in the street
  5. Make sure you like the design – no point driving a car or truck that you are embarrassed by!
  6. Check that the design doesn’t interfere with your ability to clean the car
  7. Clean your car – so that the signage can be seen.
  8. Include a description or some words that say what you do – particularly if your business name doesn’t explain what you do.
  9. Make sure your car colour works well with your corporate colours.