Customer Turnoff #1. Complex admin processes

Have you ever wanted to buy a product or service from a business and they hand over a complex form that resembles a final year exam? Or maybe buying was the easy part but paying for it was confusing and complex and you needed to hire a financial wizard just to understand the invoice?

If that goes on in your business then let me tell you that you are making it hard for customers to do business with YOU. So stop it before your customers find somewhere else that makes it easier for them.

I had two recent ‘admin infuriating’ experiences from suppliers.

  1. I had to search through a pile of statements, policies and invoices for an amount due after a change over of insurance policies.
  2. I received an email requesting me to contact the business. Upon returning the phone call, the business didn’t know why they wanted me to call and then proceeded to ask if I knew my policy number as they couldn’t identify me on the system by name.

What can you do to make it easier for customers to buy off you?

  • Make documents easy to read by taking the time to simplify language and concepts
  • Do some of the work yourself e.g. filling out forms if required
  • Simplify your systems
  • Listen to their feedback about how to make it easier for them
  • Prepare invoices that work for the customer; ask their requirements

Why should you bother?


  1. Customers hate having their time wasted
  2. A positive customer experience in all areas keeps customers coming back
  3. Your customers will go somewhere else if it’s too hard doing business with you
  4. There is an opportunity to have an edge over your competitors particularly if you work in a highly regulated or bureaucratic industry e.g. finance, insurance, telecommunications.

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