COVID Content – what to create in these crazy times.

In these COVID times communication seems to take on two extremes.  Businesses are either retreating (verbally isolating as well as physically) and it’s difficult to find out what is happening with them or the opposite occurs with businesses frenetically providing enormous amounts of information.  I feel as though I have been guilty of both!  There is no right or wrong.  Having too much irrelevant information thrown at you can be stressful as can the pursuit of information that can’t be found.  The most important person in all of this is your customer.  As part of a good marketing and communications strategy you need to ensure that your content is relevant and meaningful to your target.

So what is appropriate to communicate during COVID times?

I recommend you always keep your target audience in mind. A couple of questions to ask yourself when creating content at anytime are:

  • What information do my customers need to know right now?
  • Why do I think it is important for them to know about this topic right now?
  • How does this information help my customer?
  • What is the best way to communicate this information?

Many people are stressed right now and if you can help alleviate their stress through information that is a great thing.  Letting them know how you are able to keep them safe, save them money and make life easier for them are key things to communicate. Here are some ideas for how you can do this.

  1. Social distancing policies

What are you doing to comply with this? For example – how many people in your shop at any one time? If you have a notice on your door or shop window you can always take a photo of that as an image.

This helps to set expectations before people come into the store so they know whether to come in or to wait outside.

  1. Services you are continuing to offer

Are there any changes to your usual offerings?  Are you doing things a little differently e.g. home delivery, virtual services or a mobile service? Communicate this information through the services section on your website or business Facebook page in services or consider pinning a post to the top of your Facebook page so people will see it.  If you are a food business and have modified your menu in anyway let your customers know.

  1. Opening hours

Make sure you communicate your latest opening hours to customers.   Have they changed and how can people get in contact to make orders or bookings.

  1. Reopening date

If your business has been in hibernating and you will be re-opening make this information clear on your social media and your website.  Consider doing a countdown as a visual reminder to the big reopen day.

  1. New Ways of Buying

If you are now offering phone ordering and pickup services, or home delivery or drive through make sure you regularly communicate these new offerings as customers need to be reminded as it may slip their mind.  For more powerful communication try and use images to get the message across.

  1. COVID Deals

Have your developed any special deals or services for COVID 19?  Some products and services are very price sensitive so businesses have adapted to meet new price points. Communicate why you have developed these new products or services, how they will help and how people can access them.

In these challenging times whether you are communicating a lot or a little the most important thing is to be as clear as you can with your communication and to be kind to yourself if you’ve dropped your communication ball!

If you need help with content ideas or marketing strategy I am here to help make contact today.

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