Here is another ‘C’ to consider that will help you through the Coronavirus crisis. COMMUNICATION.

Communication is absolutely vital right. Communication with your accountant, your suppliers and most importantly, your customers. These are just some of the questions they’ll want to know

Are you still in business?

How are you dealing with COVID-19?

What steps are you taking, how are you keeping your customers safe, how have services been impacted?

Do you have new services that you can offer? For example, I’m now offering remote consultations and consulting sessions. It’s a new service so it’s important for me to let my customers know that.

Secondly, it’s always good business practice to communicate with them to find out what are their needs right now.  It might just be having a discussion to say to them, “how are you finding this situation? Is there anything that we might be able to do to help you?”.

Finally, if you can be flexible with your payment options or can offer special deals, communicate it to your customers. Trust me, they’ll be grateful for it right now. Remember this is the time to really build up loyalty with your customers. If you stay in touch with them, customers will want to stay in touch with you.

Everyone is a little bit risk averse right now so they’re probably not about looking around and wanting to shop with anyone else. Reward their loyalty by keeping up your communication with your customers and it will put you in a great position for when we move through this crisis.

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