Here’s another C to adopt throughout this Coronavirus stage. CONTACT.

Yes, I know we’re not allowed to have physical contact with our customers and others, but we need to stay in ‘virtual’ contact with everyone we do business with.

We need to stay in touch with our suppliers. If there is going to be any issues with payment or you might want to negotiate certain things with your suppliers, contact them.

We need to stay in contact with other businesses because it can actually help lift us and keep us motivated.

We also need to contact any of our support people in business. That might be your accountant, it might be your business coach, it might be any consultants that you have worked with. They are experienced and can give you some objective advice. Maybe you’ve got some mental health professional that you also use, life coaches, mentors. Make sure you reach out and stay in contact with them.

Finally, given that financially things are a bit tricky, it’s important to stay in contact with your bank. Let them know if you’ve got any problems or if there are going to be late payments.

Your accountant can really help you with this process so stay in contact with them. They are getting the latest information and can pass that onto you.

Ok, so do we have CONTACT?

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