Caring For Yourself Is Caring For Your Business

As we run or stagger the last lap of the annual marketing marathon in our businesses, it might be tempting to push ourselves just a little bit harder, so we get everything done by the end of the year, but is this really the smart way? As business owners we are the most important asset in our business. If we are not at our best, our business is not at our best. Let’s be honest it has been a really challenging couple of years whether you are in business or not, however it’s been especially tough for those in business. I think we need to stop though and say, ‘Really, what can be achieved in 2 weeks?’ If you don’t have the energy and need to take a holiday early I say do it. We are all so much more energetic in the New Year it’s as if the community changes gear after Christmas and we get a bit more perspective. A smarter way to run your business is to rest and allow your mind to come up with business strategies that will work better for you. That’s why now more than any other time you need to be kind to ourselves as business owners and that might just mean stop working now.

The landscape has been so unpredictable lately with tried-and-true marketing strategies no longer working and being turned on their head. For example, for many businesses social media hasn’t been working, maybe because many of us just don’t feel sociable! When your planned strategies don’t work or things outside your control impact implementation a lot of energy is spent creating new ways of keeping our businesses ticking over. The personal stresses that are also present during a pandemic, means we haven’t had a chance to relax and this can take its toll. Many non-business owners don’t get the sustained stress business owners have experienced. We’ve all been a little more isolated than usual, so we have been bearing this on our own. Non-business owners can’t fathom the stress that has been on our shoulders. Having to constantly do things differently when you’ve spent years perfecting your systems is just downright exhausting. Commentary from customers or others along the lines of ‘I thought you’d be grateful for the business’ when you dare to speak out about the stress of work when you’ve been working your 10th weekend in a row. The business flow has been feast or famine for too long. Many businesses leading up to the end of year are trying valiantly to squeeze a little more from the year but I think it’s ok, to just let it go.

It’s time to be kind to yourself and to take the pressure off. I say let yourself go home early this year. Whatever doesn’t get done can get done in a couple of weeks. We all need a break. We need to have some fun! If we are worried about money – have fun that doesn’t require money, just reduce your stress and revitalise. Your business will benefit. We are all so much more energetic in the New Year, it’s like the community changes gear after Christmas and we get a bit more perspective. Let’s not get caught up in the race to Christmas, let’s pull that sprint back to maybe a nice walk where you get a chance to breathe and relax. When you are relaxed your mind can be at its most creative and cook up a business or marketing strategy that will increase your results. So don’t deprive yourself of this opportunity! Here are my other end of year tips for business owners.

  1. Don’t work right up until Christmas
  2. Book in some social work events to help you change gear to holidays
  3. Don’t add to a to do list after the 10th of December
  4. Get a massage to remind yourself what relaxing feels like (even if it’s just for one hour)
  5. Take some time to reflect on what has been good about this year, what you’ve learnt and set some goals for next year
  6. Give yourself a late start at least one day


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