[PODCAST] Finding Your Marketing Mojo

I recently spoke on the Les Price podcast and in this conversation we talked about:

  • How marketing has evolved and how we need to adapt
  • Why understanding your customers and clients is so important
  • Three businesses that seem to get their marketing right and what you can learn
  • Why we all need mentors and coaches to amplify our results
  • Doing what you love – the key to self-fulfilment
  • The power of lessons and why we need to ‘play our own music’
  • Why fortune favours the bold and how to embrace risk in our lives
  • The keys to being super-productive and getting things done

You can listen to this episode below…

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[PODCAST] Finding Your Marketing Mojo

I spoke on the Les Price podcast and you can listen to this episode all about finding your marketing mojo right here. read more

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