What’s the bigger risk? Economic climate or your sales team?

What’s going on with sales teams? I thought everyone was desperate for sales. We hear it on the radio talk back about times being tough and needing customers. Apparently not!

In Melbourne this week. A woman (let’s call her Mary) who has the money and the need was looking for a car. She walked into three different car dealerships. Her behaviour suggested she was interested in buying a car e.g. opening car doors, looking at features, reading information etc. The sales staff of two dealerships didn’t come out to say hello or assist Mary. They remained in their offices talking to each other. Mary left disgusted that there was no customer service and that no-one seemed to want to sell her a car. Mary was perplexed as the car market in Australia is predicted to hit ‘hard times’ and Mary was under the impression that car dealers would be desperate for any sale. At the third dealership Mary was greeted warmly, questions answered and Mary was taken on a test drive. Mary loved the car and is considering purchasing. She is no longer interested in test driving the other possibilities as service and responsiveness was more important and the third dealership seemed like a great place to buy a car from.

Things to Consider

  • What is keeping your staff from servicing customers? Is it worrying about the economic environment?
  • If there is no one to serve customers how are you going to make sales?
  • Beware of becoming a self fulfilling prophecy “times are tough no-one is buying” and missing out what’s under your nose.
  • If a person has made the effort to come to your show room at the very least they are a warm lead.
  • How hard are your staff working to achieve a sale?
  • Customer service is generally so bad that adequate service can delight customers.
  • People are still buying in “tough times”.

A good marketing strategy based on research can help you navigate all times in business both good and bad.  Having the right training for staff is also important. What are your thoughts and experiences?

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