Ten Top Tips for Ending the Year Well

It’s easy to run out of puff at the end of the year but it is at this time of the year we need to keep our business wits about us.  Here are ten marketing and business tips that will help you end the year well and set yourself up for a good start in the following year.

  1. Decide when you are going to close over Xmas. Remember this is one of the rare times in the year when you can take a break with customer’s full permission.
  2. Advise your clients of when you will be closed. This can be on your email, your phone message, your Xmas card or website.
  3. Customise your message greeting. Record a Christmas greeting and leave the details of when you are on leave and a way people can get in contact with you if it is urgent.
  4. Season’s Greetings. It’s a great time of year to thank customers and suppliers for their business and support. Communicate that you are keen to continue the business relationship in the New Year. Maximise the one time in the year you can send a promotion that no one will mind!
  5. Invoice. To keep your cash flow healthy over what can be a slow time of year, invoice before you go on holidays so that you don’t forget. If you leave it too long between service and invoice your customers may forget and you don’t want to start their New Year with a shock!
  6. Task List for the New Year. Make one of the last things you do before going on holidays to write a quick list of the outstanding tasks that you need to tackle when you return from leave. This will save you time trying to remember where you were up to and gets you off to an efficient start when you return.
  7. Delete Unnecessary Emails. This can be like a virtual desk tidy up!
  8. Tidy up Desk. Spend some time getting rid of any clutter on your desk so that you hit the ground running upon your return. To make it more fun put a time limit on yourself.
  9. Go Party. Go to some of your client’s Christmas parties or hold one yourself. It’s a nice way to do business.
  10. Review the Year. Take a moment to reflect on what has gone well this year, what perhaps didn’t go as well and what you would like to change for the next year. Write this down and leave it on your desk!

This list was compiled in conjunction with members of the Westgate Referral Network. If you need help setting your business up for success at any time of the year AP Marketing Works can help.

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