Guest articles – a series: Motivation and rebooting your mojo

The third blog post in our series of guest articles is all around motivation, self-care and rebooting your mojo when it wanes. This can happen after a few years or when you face multiple challenges – a bit like now with COVID-19!

Finding motivation for starting a new business can be easy to come by, but as time passes these feelings may begin to fade. So, what do you do when motivation is lacking?


Remember how exciting the first couple of months starting your business was? How it was hard to sleep because your mind was bubbling over with ideas and you couldn’t wait to get up and start implementing them? Do you feel like that now? Or like many businesses that have been operating for a while are you struggling to find motivation? Keep reading because I share 5 tips that have kept me motivated.


Are you finding that you are not as excited about working in your own business as you used to? Are you wondering where the energy and passion has gone? Are you needing to get your work mojo back? It’s perfectly naturally for some of the romance to go out of running your own business, particularly if you have been in business for a while or haven’t taken a recent break.


Accountants and insurance brokers often advise business owners to “look after your assets”. They are usually referring to machinery and equipment, which they suggest you maintain and have regularly serviced. But in small business, often the most important asset is the business owner. Do we look after ourselves as though we are a valuable piece of equipment?


Managing a business takes a lot more than knowledge alone – you also need strength and determination in spades. And that also means there’s a significant risk of burning out. The longer you’re in business the more successful you are and the easier running a business becomes. But many business owners burn out and give up before they reach this point.

So, what can you do to keep business burnout at bay and last the distance?



Keep an eye out for coming posts which will include themed articles such as suppliers, networking, events, PR and more. If you missed the first two in the series, you can read them via the links below.

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