Marketing Vs Smart Marketing: Part 1 – Business Attributes

All businesses undertake marketing activities. At the very least they get business cards, a brochure, a website, maybe they undertake advertising, direct marketing campaigns or other targeted promotions. Increasingly businesses are finding that even their best marketing efforts are not achieving results.

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to highlight a range of factors that are the difference between marketing strategies many businesses use and professional marketing strategies that work.

There are many off the shelf products that promise quick and cheap marketing solutions and ‘marketing’ consultants that rehash the same promotion plan for each business. It may have ideas but it’s based on a one size fits all approach. In my experience one size fits nobody. It’s the same as buying an off the shelf evening dress – rarely does it fit and rarely does it have the same results as a tailored made outfit. Like individuals, businesses, even franchise businesses have unique elements that needs to be taken into consideration in determining what marketing is appropriate for that business. The more customised the marketing strategy to meet the needs of customers as well as the business, the more powerful the results.

Many strategies fail to consider the personal attributes of the business owner who let’s face it drives the business and the personality of the business. There is no point suggesting publicity if the business owner is not comfortable speaking in public or being contacted by the media. Another consideration is the balance of time versus money. Some businesses are in a position to outsource marketing activities and have the budget to do so, other businesses don’t have the time to implement certain strategies nor the skills or the money. A unique solution to their situation needs to be created (although with the no time, no money scenario a wand may be the most realistic strategy!) The people factor of the business is rarely taken into consideration yet it can make or break a business success.

Individual Business Factors That Must Be Taken Into Consideration for Marketing Strategy Success

  • Goals
  • People – staff and owners
  • Talents – writing, speaking, being photographic, marketing experience
  • Customers – target market, unique attributes
  • Budget Available – immediate, future, options for outsourcing
  • Time – available for implementation, learning new skills
  • Assets – customer database, website, staff, research, skills, contacts

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