Making the Most of EOFY in Your Marketing

It’s EOFY year and this is one of my favourite times in the business year.  It’s a time where we have our feet in the past, present and future all at the same time.  We need to look back, celebrate today and look forward to next year.

Review Marketing Progress

Did you actually implement all the marketing you planned?  If not, what got in the way?  Did you receive the results you planned to get from your marketing? Did you get more new customers, retain more customers or increase profitability.  Note any gains because these are definitely worth celebrating.

Celebrate Your Wins

I always like to take this time to celebrate not only being in business but any small wins that may have come my way during the year.  It might have discovering a new supplier, having an old customer return, launching a new product or service or overall business growth.  Big or small, note them down because having a list can be helpful for motivation.  You know when you’re having a tough business day and you might be thinking “I’m not getting anywhere”.  Read over the list – you’ll feel better immediately.

EOFY Promotions

This is a great time of year particularly if you are a B2B business to have an EOFY promotion.  Many businesses are looking for ways to spend their money before June 30 and they may want to spend it with you.  It’s also a good time to connect with businesses and wish them well for the next business year.

Plan for the Next Year

If your year has gone well – great! If your year hasn’t gone so well that’s ok don’t worry the year is almost over. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and ensure that you build on your learnings and set yourself on the right marketing path for success in the new year.  If this is something you need help with please reach out.  We are specialists in small business marketing so are happy to help.



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