Do you ever feel overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by your social media efforts? You are not alone. Social media doesn’t have to be painful but it is if you are stuffing it up! Many businesses are. Listen to this 30 minute webinar to find out what cripples your social media efforts and what can improve your time, money and energy investment in social media as part of your marketing strategy. Whether you are just starting out, or have been using social media for a while, it is critical to Get Good at your social media strategy.

Learn from Jo Saunders international LinkedIn expert, digital marketing strategist and social media educator and Ailsa Page small business marketing strategy expert, marketing trainer and coach as they share their combined 20 years of social media knowledge and insights in their trademark light, fun and friendly style.

This webinar will distill into 30 minutes the top four things that businesses are doing right now on social media that doesn’t work. So tune in to increase your social media effectiveness. As a bonus there are extra freebies and specials to be available to all attendees.

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