Avoidance – Small Business Marketing Enemy

Avoidance is a natural human instinct and can be helpful in situations like avoiding being hit by a car. Avoidance in business however, can have a damaging effect and actually put your business at risk. Here are three common things business owners avoid and why.

1. Don’t want to hear negative feedback so avoid all forms of customer feedback

Benefits of avoidance

  • Don’t have to change anything
  • Don’t have to hear negative feedback

Cost of avoidance

  • Potentially lose customers
  • Become irrelevant in the market

Gains to be made

  • Improved product or service
  • Better relationships with customers
  • Good ideas and positive feedback

2. Saying what needs to be said. Telling a customer you are late with their product or service

Benefits of avoidance

  • Don’t have to deal with customer reaction
  • Don’t have to be responsible for a ‘stuff up’

Cost of avoidance

  • Customer will be annoyed
  • It creates a drama

Gains to be made

  • You will feel better
  • Customer will appreciate your honesty
  • Problem solved

3. Not looking at the financials – hoping things are ok

Many businesses let things ride for too long. Often stressed, it is easy to just hope things will get better – or freak out. Usually when you actually confront the situation you will find that it is never as bad as you thought.

Benefits of avoidance

  • Not having to change anything
  • Not having to face scary news

Cost of avoidance

  • Anything from a little bit of money to losing your whole business
  • Loss of control

Gains to be made

  • Having the information to better run your business

If you find that you are in avoidance mode having a marketing coach can help keep you accountable and make facing things a lot easier.

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