Whether it’s by phone, in person or on email or paper a pitch for new business needs to communicate the following

  1. Understanding of the customer’s needs – what does the customer actually need from you, your product or service.
  2. What the customer wants and doesn’t want – sometimes it’s more important to understand what the customer doesn’t want so that you can deliver what they do want.
  3. How you or your product can help the customer – how can you relieve the customer’s pain or provide for their need?
  4. Your credibility – what have you done previously, your expertise, results achieved etc.
  5. What are the benefits for the customer in doing business with you – e.g. no stress, save money, save time, get a good outcome etc.
  6. What is the price and payment methods
  7. Referees or testimonials

Some Hints:

  • Give options if you feel that the customer is unsure of what they want
  • Be focussed on what the customer wants rather than what you want to provide
  • Show how what you are offering attends to their needs e.g. this hair shampoo will allow your colour to last longer
  • Take the time to fully understand the customer’s needs
  • Ask when they need to receive the proposal or ask them if it is ok to take a couple of days to prepare the proposal?

If it’s all too hard to do yourself then drop me an email and AP Marketing Works would be happy to help you prepare a cracker pitch to your prospective customers!