Unleash Your Marketing Magic – The Pro’s Marketing Playbook for Small Business


Get your marketing sorted with an accelerated complete online course plus 4 live coaching calls to get everything you need to have your marketing well and truly rocking in 2024. Life time access to a vault jammed pack with all the know how, tips, tricks and instructions for you to know the formula for marketing mastery and what marketing to do to build the business of your dreams.

This online program has been 7 years in the making. This program teaches you how to create the perfect marketing system to attract the customers you want. This course focuses entirely on small business marketing. It includes 4 live coaching calls, workbook, how-to videos, templates and worksheets. It's a complete brain dump of everything I know about small business marketing. Once you get this down, you’ll start experiencing relief as you get clarity around what marketing to do and build the business and life you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Find Clarity - end the confusion around what to do and where you should be spending your time
  • Achieve Confidence knowing that you are doing the right things
  • Feel Pride in your business as you see results
  • Experience Joy and energy with reduced stress levels now you can focus on what you love.

What's Covered:

  1. Setting Marketing and Business Goals
  2. Get Your Pricing Right for Profit
  3. Developing a Product/Service Your Customers Want to Buy
  4. How to Find Your Ideal Customer – where are they hiding?
  5. Putting it in Words – How to Promote Your Product/Service Business
  6. Picking What Marketing is Right for You
  7. How to Turn Your Marketing Ideas into Action
  8. Improving Your Marketing Outcomes
  9. Testing and Researching – How to Do Enough
  10. Keeping Customers Coming Back
  11. Getting a Competitive Advantage
  12. Standing Out from the Crowd
  13. Tips to Save Time with Marketing
  14. Your Marketing Action Plan

Templates:  Survey Questions, Marketing Evaluation, Action Plan, What Marketing is Right for You Quiz, Template Features and Benefits, Pricing Template, Marketing and Business Goals Template, Email Templates for Reconnecting with Customers

Guarantee:  14 Day No Obligation Money Back Guarantee