Market Research

Information sparks innovation!

market research and profitablityMarket research provides powerful insights into how to reach new customers and keep existing customers.

It can help answer many questions:

  • What price should I charge?
  • Which products should we sell?
  • What’s the best way to explain my business and services?
  • Why are my customers leaving?
  • How can I be more competitive?
  • What do other divisions/ business units think of our division?

Some of the market research I have conducted for businesses include:

Market –  Size of market, Needs of market, Where to find customers (new markets)
Customer – Customer satisfaction, Pricing points, Customer perception.
Competition – Competitor Research.

Do you want to find out things you don’t know? Are you interested in gaining powerful insights into how your customers are thinking? Then consider using AP Marketing Works to gather this information.

I can:

  • do it all for you,
  • show you how to do it yourself,
  • help your marketing team do it better.