Have you seen my marketing mojo? Seven tips to get it back.

The whole world has had a pretty rough twelve months in business. So many unknowns, changes, pivoting and stress. Is it any wonder we are feeling a little uninspired and burnt out? Of course we’d all love a holiday overseas perhaps tropical and maybe out of range, so we can stay in our own bubble for a while, away from social media, phones and even customers. For many business owners right now – a long extended holiday is not an option. So what can we do to give ourselves a much-needed boost to our marketing, ourselves and get our business back into top gear?

Here are seven tips to help get your mojo back.

  • Collaborate with others in business

Even if you are a sole operator, now is great time to find others to work with. This can help with ideas, inspiration and energy. Sharing stress as well as laughs can make the journey more energising.

  • Quick Wins

What are some things you can do to immediately to make yourself feel productive? It might be making a long overdue change to some copy on your website, phoning five customers directly, tidying up your office, sending out a newsletter or reviewing your marketing plan. Momentum builds momentum and just the act of ticking off a small task makes the next small task and the one after that even easier.

If your motivation is low, then sometimes it’s hard to get things done. Pay for someone else to help motivate you and keep you on track. Having someone caring about your business and you can be just the thing to get your marketing mojo back.

  • Look after yourself

You are your most valuable and best asset in your business. If you are feeling a bit drained it’s definitely time to look after yourself. Make sure you are eating well, exercising if able and creating outlets to reduce your stress. Getting enough sleep, reaching out for help when you need it and being kind to yourself are really important at this time. Ensure you are having a couple of days or nights away from work doing something you love.

  • Realistic expectations

It is hard to get top results when you are not in top form. A way of being kind to yourself is to create realistic expectations. Don’t put pressure on yourself to have the best year ever in business if your business is still being impacted by COVID-19.

  • Focus on things you love

Reflect on the areas of your business that you love versus the areas that you don’t love and spend more time doing the things in your business that bring you pleasure. See if you can delegate the areas that are zapping your energy at this point. Out of all your marketing activities what are the ones that you enjoy doing the most? Keep doing them.

  • Get an Action Plan

When we are marketing or business mojo zapped, we often forget the why we are in business and what we are doing it for. A business and marketing plan can really help in these times. Knowing what actions to take and why you are taking them is helpful for actually completing tasks. A plan helps eliminate procrastination particularly if it focuses on actions to take. It enables you to be more efficient with your time and achieve more. If you are uncertain about the future just make your plan for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Marketing Plan help is available here.

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