Just last week I was talking with my accountant about the merits of taking the small jobs and the topic of sparrows came up. Have you ever seen a skinny sparrow? Sparrows live on crumbs, the little bits here and then and clearly sparrows do just fine.

Maybe small businesses can be a bit more ‘sparrow savvy’ in challenging times. After all, the sparrow gets fed. Customer Segmentation principles suggest that we identify our ideal customer and go after that one. It’s usually the big fish or the corporate dollar. The corporate dollar when times are tough can dry up as many businesses and service providers have discovered. Maybe it’s time to focus on what smaller jobs are on offer so that we keep cash flowing. Take the crumbs in readiness for the big fish to come back. After all I’m sure a sparrow occasionally gets to eat a whole cup cake!

A marketing consultant can help you with customer segmentation and determining the best customers for you to target.