Getting your marketing beyond Lockdown

Have you or your business been slow in lockdown? It’s not surprising with the constant changing of momentum, it’s hard to keep things accelerating. It’s also hard to manage our own personal energy levels when we have to keep stopping and starting. It’s a bit like having a few false starts at the Olympics – it really takes it out of you. [note I am not an Olympian, have never been to the Olympics and can’t really speak on behalf of Olympians, but I imagine it would take it out of an Olympian too!] Here is a suggestion for conserving energy while you and your business is in lockdown or highly restricted due to COVID or some other pandemic.

Rather than travelling upstream and using all your energy to make just a little headway, you might like to consider getting out of the water and spending more time planning and strategizing your next swim when the current is more favourable. As a business owner you always feel as though you should take action and most of the time this is correct. These past couple of years have been a bit of an exception. I guess you could say exceptional times which has meant that we need to approach the way we run our business and in particular our marketing, a little differently.

We need to get ready for when things are less restrictive. Like a rubber band poised to fling, business will bounce back and it will be fast. Customers will be like horses that have been held back at the barrier. They will be impatient and want things now. So are you ready to get back into business?  Spending the next couple of weeks working out your marketing for next year will yield great dividends. You will be more productive with your time, more focussed and even if there are little challenges ahead, you’ll be able to stay on a strong marketing course for longer.

It is easy to think as lockdowns drag on that this is the new normal. It is, but only for a short time. It is important to also focus on how things will be when freedoms are eased, and communities open up. So rather than trying to find customers in lockdown where there may be no customers to be found, turn inwards and focus on the year ahead. Where do you want your business to be and how is your marketing going to support you in getting there?

If you need help developing your marketing plan, I suggest you consider my Get Your Marketing Sorted program. It is done in a group so you will receive some good vibes, encouragement and motivation from other business owners. I’ll help you achieve a realistic, efficient and effective plan for next year that will enable you to de-stress knowing you are heading in the right direction.

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